Indoor Plant Propagation for beginners

Two Vase Propagation Station

So, you have started your journey with indoor plants. Welcome to the jungle. Now that you have the plant bug and want to collect them all you may be wondering how your bank account is going to cope with this. Well, I have a solution for you. Indoor plant propagation creates new plants from the […]

Buying indoor plants online as easy as clicking add to cart

Buying plants online should be as easy as clicking add to cart. And that is exactly how we make it. Simply place your order and we will do the rest to get lush indoor plants direct to your door. At the Indoor Oasis it is our mission to bring you lush indoor plants right to […]

DIY a stylish sea grass pot cover for your Indoor Plants

 How to create a sea grass pot cover. A simple, easy and inexpensive but very stylish pot cover for your indoor plants. DIY pot covers to decorate your indoor plant babies. These are really on trend with bohemian, coastal and rattan interiors.   All you will need is some sharp scissors I prefer the black […]

Our top 10 indoor plant care tips

At The Indoor Oasis we want to help make plant parent life easy. Having indoor plants in your home has been proven to have a range of health benefits from reducing stress to purifying the air in your home. Our indoor plant care tips will help you keep your plant babies looking lush. We hope […]