Indoor plant addiction

Lush indoor plants delivered to your door. If you are addicted to plants then you have come to the right place. Plant themed t-shirts to represent #plantlife. Our pun pots are sure to give you a giggle and make the perfect gift. 

Do you have a pun or positive quote that you would love on a pot you can create your own by clicking here xoxo

What our customers have to say:

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Why plants are so amazing!

Collecting plants is not just a hobby but a lifestyle tending to plants can teach us to slow down, be mindful and appreciate nature. 

With busy lifestyles and smaller living spaces indoor gardening is becoming very popular. Bringing plants indoors can help create a calming space, remove toxins from our homes and reduce stress. 

Indoor plants make the most amazing gifts too. As a customer once said to me she would prefer to gift indoor plants that can last months or years rather than fresh flowers that only last a few days. 

Plants bring any space to life. They look good, provide us with many benefits. There is honestly a plant suited to everyone. 


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